Tuition and Medical Needs Service

What is the Tuition and Medical Needs Education Service?

The Tuition and Medical Needs Education Team (TAMNET) is an education service within North Lincolnshire, located in central Scunthorpe. We support children and young people (aged 4-16) to continue to develop their skills when they are unable to access mainstream or an alternative provision due to medical needs, whether these be associated with physical or mental health. The team was developed to support vulnerable pupils across all key stages.

Our aim is to meet the needs of each individual child or young person through the development of a personalised bespoke offer, drawing on the skillset of our multi-professional team.

A nurturing relational approach is taken to our work, with the whole team using positive communicative strategies to engage, support and move forward the individuals we work with.

What does the Tuition and Medical Needs Education Service do?

Children and young people who are allocated a place at TAMNET will be initially taught either in the home/hospital/ or in a small classroom known as the Tuition Centre. The Tuition Centre is a classroom environment and class work will be completed just as in a mainstream room. A maximum of 12 young people will be taught in the classroom at any one time. Pupils can attend for a maximum of 15 hours per week (3 hours per day).

The aim will be to establish strong work habits that support the child in moving back into mainstream classrooms at their host school or in another school through a managed move process.

If there is a medical need that prevents a young person from attending the classroom, we can offer 1:1 home or virtual tuition. This can be up to 1 hour per day.

What wellbeing support can the Tuition and Medical Needs Education Service offer?

We have specialist emotional and social support delivered by our Wellbeing Specialist who, uses a range of therapeutic approaches, such as CBT, Mindfulness, talking therapies and psychodynamic and humanistic approaches to support maintaining and/or improving mental health and wellbeing.

Each session is bespoke depending on the needs of our children and young people and will focus on building positive trusting relationships, managing challenging emotions, self-regulation building skills and will provide strategies to support both acceptance and change. These sessions are confidential however, safeguarding our young people remains our priority.

All pupils requiring support in this area will have a weekly session timetabled in.

Wellbeing support can also be accessed as outreach to schools.

Our Team

  • Felicity Doughty – Service Lead
  • Lorna Marvell – Specialist Teacher
  • Joanne Wressell – Specialist Teacher
  • Shaun Marvell – Specialist Teacher
  • Emma Blacklock – Social, Emotional and Mental Health Nurture and Wellbeing Specialist
  • Claire Laffey – Tutor
  • Magdalena Stefanska – Tutor
  • Kate Turner – Tutor
  • Mary Ackroyd – Tutor

How can I refer to the Tuition and Medical Needs Education Service?

If you think that your child would benefit from accessing the Tuition and Medical Needs Education Team, please talk to your child’s school so that they can submit a referral. We do not accept referrals from parents/carers.

For further information, please contact us.

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Contact Us

Classroom phone: 07976 267633

Felicity Doughty (Service Lead): 07554 115260

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Last modified: March 12, 2024