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The Housing Advice Team

We will do our best to advise, help and signpost you with any general questions or problems about housing. We are happy to assist tenants, homeowners and landlords with any issues you might have.

Please note that we are not qualified to give legal advice. You will need to speak to a solicitor if you have any legal questions.

You can seek Housing Advice by emailing the Housing Advice Team on housingadvice@northlincs.gov.uk. Or by giving them a call on 01724 297 777.

If you have any questions, you may wish to email your contact details. A Housing Advisor will then arrange an appointment to answer your questions.

How to apply

The Home Choice Lincs website offers advice about how to apply. You can also get help to register your housing need through our Local Links, libraries and at Ongo Homes offices.

Alternatively, you can seek assistance by going to the Scunthorpe Central. They will pass on your contact details and answer any questions you may have.

Visit the council website for more information on the Housing Advice Team.


Funding for repairs or improvements

A guide to making an application

If you are enquiring about adaptations for an adult, you must contact one of the following teams within the Core Therapy Service:

  • Scunthorpe South Locality Team – (anything South of Queensway up to Messingham and everything in-between) Tel: 01724 290600
  • Scunthorpe North & Isle Locality Team – (anything North of Queensway including Frodingham Road and the Isle of Axholme) Tel: 01724 290620
  • Brigg & Barton Locality Team – (Broughton to Killingholme and everything in-between) Tel: 01724 298180

If you are enquiring about adaptations for a child / young person you must contact the Single Access Point, for all locations within North Lincolnshire – Tel: 01724 296500 – choose option 2.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss your individual circumstances, please contact the Home Assistance Team:
Tel: 01724 297000 – e-mail: housing@northlincs.gov.uk

Further information about funding for repairs or improvements can be found on the council website including information about:

The following work in partnership to provide the HomeChoiceLincs scheme:

  • North Lincolnshire Council
  • North East Lincolnshire Council
  • Ongo
  • Lincolnshire Housing Partnership Limited
  • L & H Homes
  • Guinness and Sanctuary Housing Association (choice based lettings scheme)

The partnership is responsible for more than 20,000 homes across North Lincolnshire.  Other Housing Associations also use the scheme to advertise their homes to let.

This scheme gives home seekers more choice and information about homes that are available throughout the whole of North Lincolnshire. If offers better opportunities to find a home you want and need.

To apply to go on the housing register you must apply online. Please see further information on the home choice lincs website.

You may decide that you would like to continue to live with your family. Or you may decide you would like the chance to try and live independently.

Social housing renting

  • This type of housing has to be applied for and housing is allocated based on need and priority
  • The benefits are that landlords are regulated and governed by set standards. Generally the tenancy is the most secured and rents are set at a level which reflects housing benefits
  • The drawback is that the demand greatly exceeds supply

Private renting

  • Private landlords are not concerned with allocation or priority of need
  • There is more choice over property and location
  • A private tenancy can mean less security of tenancy
  • Private rent can be more expensive, and housing benefit may not cover all the cost
  • Some landlords do not rent to people on housing benefits

Home ownership

  • There are various Home Ownership opportunities. Please see further information on the council website.
  • Shared ownership helps people with limited funds to buy a property
  • There is a specialist HOLD scheme Home Ownership for people with a Long Term Disability
  • To be eligible for this option, the following criteria must be met:
    • Have a long-term disability
    • Have a housing need
    • Claim higher rate care component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Or Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
    • Claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and are within the employment support group

Family investment

  • Options could include:
    • Outright ownership
    • Mortgage
    • Inheritance of property
    • A group of families may purchase a property together or may pay towards some of the costs

A drop in session for Home Ownership options is held at Scunthorpe Central on the last Thursday of every month.

There are a number of specialist housing schemes in North Lincolnshire.

Purpose built or specialist housing

Purpose built or specialist housing for people with a physical disability is on offer through the Landlords that advertise with Home Choice Lincs, and people with a physical disability have priority for this.

Accommodation based schemes

Other housing offered with support called ‘accommodation based’ schemes need an agency referral to First Stop. This could be through your school or social worker. Visit the council website for further information.

Housing related support

In other cases, you can access ordinary housing via Home Choice Lincs. You can request housing related support called ‘Floating Support’.  The floating support service can also help you to apply for housing and prepare for independent living.

Housing related support helps:

  • helps you to keep your tenancy
  • helps with organising rent payments
  • apply for benefits to help you pay the rent
  • help with budgeting and setting up bill payments
  • help to look after your home
  • helps you get on with neighbours
  • helps you find out about your new neighbourhood and access services etc.

Other Specialist and Shared Housing is available. It needs an Adult Social care referral as the council has nomination rights to some schemes. You do not always need to have a care package to be referred. You should talk about your housing options as part of the EHCP and transition planning to see what might be available when you need it.

If you need assistive technology to help you to live independently talk to your social worker. Or you can contact the Telecare Team email: telecareservices@northlincs.gov.uk. Or tel:01724 298408.

For Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit – see the council website (Benefits).

If your home needs adapting due to your disability, the council’s website (Improvements) contains details of Disabled Facilities Grants and how to go about applying for these.

The booklets below have some useful information about housing options, assistive technology and some examples of people with learning disabilities and how they are supported to live independently .

Housing Options for family carers of those with disabilities

Housing Options - a guide for family carers of people with disabilities

Housing Options for those with a disability

Housing Options - Easy Read guide for people with a learning disability

Last modified: March 19, 2024