Preparing for Adulthood

Transition and Preparing for Adulthood

Preparing for adulthood should be an ongoing process rather than a single event. And it should be tailored to your needs.

The term “Transitions” describes how we support young people with SEND to move from:

  • Children’s Services to
  • Services offering support when you turn 18.

Young people and their families can feel confused when moving from Children’s Services to adult support. For example:

  • There may not be a single equivalent service to support you after making the change from Children’s Services.
  • You will be seen as an independent adult capable of making decisions, consenting to services and sharing information about yourself with other people. Planning and preparing early will help make it a more positive experience. And it will also help build confidence and independence for moving into adulthood.
  • This change can be difficult to adjust to.

Preparing for Adulthood Protocol

The North Lincolnshire Preparing for Adulthood Protocol [PDF, 423Kb] aims to ensure that professionals across education, health and social care are consistent in their approach to providing a seamless and safe transition from adolescent to adulthood, enabling young adults to achieve the best possible outcomes in employment, independent living, positive relationships, community inclusion and good health.

How the Learning Disability and Sensory Team can help

The Learning Disability and Sensory Team – works in partnership with young people (with a range of disabilities/complex health needs) and their families to start the planning for this change from year 9 (age 13 or 14) and more intensively from Year 11 (age 16).

For many young people, transition plans will be part of their Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP).

How the team can support you

This procedure is based on a ‘person centred’ approach. The person centred approach means that we focus on your needs at every stage of moving from Children’s Services.  Your choices and preferences lead planning as much as possible.

Each of the Preparing for Adult outcomes will be considered when supporting you to plan and set your goals: These outcomes are set out in law and are as follows:

We will review and update your “person centred” plan every year. A meeting will take place with you and your family / circle of support. We can meet you in person or by telephone.

Assessments for Adults and Community Wellbeing

North Lincolnshire Council must assess:

  • a young person
  • young carer, or
  • an adult caring for a child

if they have needs when they, or the child they care for, turns 18.

The council will assess you if there is a significant benefit to you. This is regardless of whether you currently receive any services.

A young person’s eligibility for adult and community wellbeing support should be established when they are 16 years old, and no later than 17 and a half. This depends on the level and complexity of need and planning required.

Eligibility criteria

Indicators for eligibility and support include:

The young person is disabled and:

  • has an Education Health and Care Plan, and has been assessed as having severe learning difficulties and/or autism, a physical or sensory impairment, or a mental health problem


  • is “Looked After” and has an Education Health and Care Plan identifying them as having learning difficulties, physical disability or sensory impairments which would mean that they would be deemed to be vulnerable as young adults
  • is a care leaver and whose continuing needs will require referral on to Adult and Community Wellbeing
  • receives support from Children and Families function.

If you are an adult living with a learning, physical or sensory disability you can be referred to the team for advice, information and support.

You could also be a young person preparing for adulthood. It may be you, your family or someone you know, for example your teacher or doctor (GP). If you do not have a named worker to support you with this referral please contact Adult and Community Wellbeing Access team on 01724 297000.

Someone from Adult and Community Wellbeing will contact you to discuss your request. This will be over the telephone or at your home or somewhere else, like work, college or our office. We will always provide information, support and advice to access further services, including how to get support.

Watch our video, preparing for adulthood

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