E Learning for North Lincolnshire Council staff

An e-learning module on the SEND reforms and the local offer is on Learning Lincs. It is available for all North Lincolnshire Council employees and is free of charge.  There is a clear expectation that any council employee who works with children and young people with special educational needs and /or disabilities from the ages of 0-25 will complete this module.

The module:

  • Is an introduction to how the SEND reforms are being implemented in North Lincolnshire
  • Describes the principles underlying the SEND reforms
  • Explains new ways of working

To access this e-learning module you will need to log into your Learning Lincs account. Use the search button on the top right side with SEND to find the module.

If you are a professional who works with children and young people with SEND in North Lincolnshire, but do not have access to a Learning Lincs account, please  contact us on learning.solutions@northlincs.gov.uk  and we will arrange access to the course.

E Learning for Social Care Staff

An e-learning module has been designed by the council for disabled children as part of the CDC regional social care training offer.

This can be used as:

  • an introduction to the role of social care in the send reforms;
  • a refresher on the role of social care in the send reforms;

This can be accessed on the Council for Disabled Children’s (CDC) Website

E Learning for Health Practitioners

An e-learning series has been created by the council for disabled children to support health practitioners and Clinical Commissioner Group understand the new duties set out in the Children and Families Act and the implications.

The 8 modules cover the following areas:

1. Introduction
2. Outcomes
3. Education, Health and Care plans
4. Local Offer
5. Information and data sharing
6. Transition
7. Participation
8. Working in partnership

They can be accessed on the Council for Disabled Children’s Website

Last modified: November 22, 2021