Ways to Pay

There are many ways to pay for the things you buy (called goods) or for paying bills for services.

Some of the ways to pay include:

Pile of five pound notes
  • Cash is used every day for all types of transactions such as in shops, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. It’s also the easiest way to transfer money between people – you can simply hand over banknotes or coins.
  • Cash can also be used in vending machines to buy things – for example, parking tickets, train tickets, food and drinks.
Picture of a debit card

Debit card – a way to pay for goods and services. You can also use it for getting cash from your bank or a cashpoint machine (also called an automated teller machine (ATM))

Paying an invoice with a mobile phone

Direct debit – a regular payment from your bank account, commonly used for paying regular bills

Picture of a cheque

Cheques – a way to pay money into, or out of your bank account

Pay by Credit card

Credit card – a way to pay for goods and services on credit (you are borrowing money and will need to pay it back)

Doing online banking on a laptop

Internet/phone transfer (known as online banking) – a way to manage your bank account using your computer, tablet or mobile phone

Using a mobile to pay for things

Further Information

Last modified: April 3, 2024