Physical Disability

What we do

Physical Disability support children and young people transitioning to or in an educational setting in North Lincolnshire, from age 0-25 .

Physical Disability offer:

  • Assessment of need and guidance to settings/schools regarding the child or young person’s physical disability. This assessment includes adaptations to the curriculum and environment to ensure independence and learning and assessment for specialist equipment.
  • Support & Advice with transitional stages including transition between pre-school settings and school; year to year transitions and from year 11 to post-16 provision.
  • Training for staff within the learning environment increasing confidence and skill base to support pupils with physical disabilities.

Referral to Physical Disability

To make a referral to Physical Disability, use the link below to the online form. Referral can be made directly by parents/carers. If you are referring as a professional, please ensure that you have parental consent and ideally complete the form with parents/carers so that all sections can be completed. If you have any questions re completion of the form, please contact us using details given on this page.

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Last modified: January 15, 2024