Complex Behaviour

Complex Behaviour Team

The North Lincolnshire Complex Behaviour Team provides advice and support for parents and carers of a child who has a learning disability and / or Autism, who shows challenging behaviour within the home and lives within North Lincolnshire.

Our aim:

  • To provide support and advice for parents and carers of children with complex needs where behaviour within the home can be challenging to manage.
  • To enable identified families to feel empowered to implement behaviour changes that will improve outcomes, build confidence, enable self-help, and contribute to them being safe, well, prosperous and connected.
  • Work with other professionals to ensure children/young people with complex needs are kept within their family and communities as appropriate.

All children can behave in ways that are difficult to deal with and are generally linked to a child’s stage of development and communication. For children with Learning Disabilities or Autism, this behaviour can be more challenging, and parents/carers may require specialist advice.

Often, challenging behaviour is a result of frustration or anxiety. Adults may find this a challenge to understand and manage.

We support parents and carers to understand their child’s behaviour. We do this by seeking to identify what the child is trying to communicate through their behaviour and identifying ways to manage these which may involve changing responses and strengthening connections.

We work closely with a range of professionals and services.

The people in our team are:

  • Sarah Huddart, Senior Officer
  • Myra Seal, Outreach Practitioner
  • Angela Hunt, Outreach Practitioner
  • Anila Haq, Outreach Practitioner.

In North Lincolnshire we have a Multi Agency Pathway for autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The Autism Spectrum Education Team (AST), Behaviour Support Team (BST), Education Psychology (EPS) and the North Lincolnshire Neurodevelopmental Service (NDS) work together to ensure that we have a strengths based, needs led process to support children and young people. We have:

A single Neurodiversity Team offering a single point of access to assessments for autism and adhd
A graduated approach to completing referrals which gathers a wide range of information
Greater awareness is given to the support from ASET, BST and EPS as well as information from nurseries, schools and colleges. This is done at the earliest possible stage so that needs-led interventions are put in place based on presenting need regardless of diagnosis.

View the ASD-ADHD Pathway [PDF, 2Mb]

How to speak to your child/ young person about their ASD diagnosis

Deciding when and how to talk to your child about their diagnosis is an entirely personal decision dependent upon their own level of awareness and understanding.

There are a number of websites and resources available that can help you know what to say and where to begin:

Books that may help support your conversation

Young girl with bunches pulling a funny face

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