Learning Disability and Sensory Team

The Learning Disability and Sensory Team work within North Lincolnshire providing assessments and support for:

  • disabled young adults (up to 25 years old)
  • adults with a learning disability
  • those with a sensory impairment

to help them to maintain their independence and to maximise their choice and control.

What we do

We provide an assessment and care and support planning service for adults who live with a learning and/or physical disability. This includes adults who live with a sensory impairment.

We also support young people from 14 -18 who are preparing for and entering into adulthood, who have additional needs and are eligible for support from Adult and Community Wellbeing. We work closely with education, health and children’s service to make this transition from school or college as smooth as possible.

How can I be referred or make contact?

If you are an adult living with a learning, physical or sensory disability you can be referred to the team for advice, information and support. You could also be a young person preparing for adulthood. It may be you, your family or someone you know, for example your teacher or doctor (GP). If you do not have a named worker to support you with this referral please contact Adult and Community Wellbeing Access team on 01724 298000.

Someone from Adult and Community Wellbeing will contact you to discuss your request. This will be over the telephone or at your home or somewhere else, like work, college or our office.  We will always provide information, support and advice to access further services, including how to get support.

What we can help you with?

  • Information, advice and signposting to other support
  • Assessment and reviews – know your needs and achieve your planned outcomes
  • Relationships and lifestyle
  • Crisis Intervention and safeguarding adults
  • Support with specialist housing needs
  • Community access
  • Low level equipment for sensory impairment
  • Disability registration
Last modified: June 26, 2023