Ryan's story

Ryan has Learning Difficulties and Diabetes and some co-ordination difficulties.


Ryan started attending the Do Something Different sessions in January 2018 starting with the Friday afternoon Multi Sports session at The Pods. Having enjoyed the session Ryan has gone on to attend Rebound Therapy, the Thursday Multi Sports at Scunthorpe Community Wellbeing Hub (CWH) and a mainstream Circuit session held at Scunthorpe CWH.


Over the past year Ryan has really developed his social skills and his confidence has improved dramatically. He is a popular member of the group with his cheeky nature and jovial personality. He enjoys interacting and socialising and having conversations with the other participants. His attention span has increased and now has a greater ability to listen to instruction. Ryan can still at times be easily distracted, but giving him a variety of things to do and constant encouragement he will quickly regain focus.


He enjoys trying all the activities at the Multi Sports session, taking part in all the games and encouraging other participants to join in, demonstrating his confidence and excellent social interaction skills with his peers (although he does cheat a little sometimes and thinks no one notices!).


Through attending the Do Something Different sessions Ryan has gained the confidence to join a community session (a circuit training class). He is able to follow instructions ensuring he carries out the exercises safely and to the best of his ability with very little support from his PA.


Keeping active has helped Ryan control his diabetes and has a better understanding of his Diabetes: when feeling tired he stops to have his blood sugars checked.


Ryan started attending the Rebound Therapy session in late 2018 and has already gained his Level 1 & 2 badges and is now working towards his Level 3 and making excellent progress. Ryan is now looking forward to improving his Badminton and Table Tennis skills over the coming year.


Since Ryan has attended the Do Something Different sessions he has shown a willingness to undertake new challenges and do his best at whatever he does. He is determined not to let his disabilities get in the way of what he wants to achieve.

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Last modified: February 22, 2024