Help children to deal with bereavement

Bereavement sometimes also referred to as grief, is a term used to describe the sense of loss felt when a loved one dies. This sense of loss may contain a host of emotions, such as sadness, anger, guilt or frustration and anxiety, and the period immediately following the death is often referred to as the mourning period.

  • You might want to talk to someone at your school or college.
  • You might want to talk to someone outside of school.
  • You might want more help over time and would like to see someone who is able to support or join a group for children and young people who were bereaved.
  • Other support is available locally from providers who charge for sessions.
  • If your feelings of loss and grief just will not go away after a few months, then you might want to refer to the Child and Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

The Single Point of Access for Bereavement Support is: –

Further information about bereavement and how to help children deal with it is available is available in our leaflet ‘Supporting children and young people who have been bereaved in North Lincolnshire’ [PDF, 200Kb] or on the Life Central website. Alternatively, email:

There are lots of books for children and young people which tackle the difficult subjects of death, bereavement and loss. The Little Parachutes website have many listed and we have put together a list of suggested reading for children and young people which include the death of a parent/grand parent/pet etc.

When a loved one dies, there are practical things that need to be done in order to move forward with the funeral arrangements. The Funeral Guide website provides a brief overview of what steps need to be taken and in what order.

Winston’s Wish have some free online courses to help teachers and staff understand how to support grieving children and young people in their school. There are two courses, aimed at both primary and secondary school:

  • Childhood bereavement: an introduction
  • What you can do to help.

Winston’s Wish

The charter for bereaved children and young people. Download the charter.

Bereavement charter

Jen’s Special Place

Jen’s Special Place is a child bereavement support group based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. The group ultimately aims to support children in expressing their grief and exploring their feelings in a safe and emphatic environment; enabling them to grow through each others experiences. Parents and carers also benefit from our service; offering group adult counselling and an opportunity to speak with others in similar circumstances.

Please take a look at this presentation and visit Jen’s Special Place website for more information.

Last modified: March 11, 2024