Guidance for Parents and Carers on Personalisation, Personal Budgets and Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans

Useful information for parents

The Department for Education (DfE) and KIDS have produced these two useful documents for parents and carers:

  1. Making it Personal Family Guidance [PDF, 1.04Mb]. This publication is a revised version of the handbook Taking a Personal Approach: a Parent’s Guide to Personal Budgets. It was published in February 2013 and forms part of a suite of new guidance commissioned by the Department for Education to support the personalisation agenda and the implementation of the Children and Families Act 2014.
  2. A leaflet called Making it Personal Family Guidance [PDF, 1.01Mb] which gives an update on relevant support and resources that KIDS can provide to families.

Making it Personal 2 (MIP2)

Further information on the Making it Personal 2 (MIP2) initiative which has been developed by KIDS and funded by the Department for Education is available on the KIDS website.

The Making it Personal project aims to provide support and advice for parents and carers of disabled children and young people, along with commissioners around the subject of personalisation and personal budgets. Their resources support those affected by the SEND reforms brought into force in September 2014 to gain a greater understanding of the changes and the impact these changes will have on the lives of families of disabled children and young disabled people.

Front cover from Making it personal document

Further Information


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