Magic Moments for Autistic Kids
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We are a registered charity set up to help kids on the autistic spectrum. We raise funds so we can turn their dreams into reality and give them the help and support they need, as well as give help and support to their families.
Magic Moments aim is to raise money to fund holidays, short breaks, day trips and recreational activities for Autistic Kids, their families and carers in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.
Magic moments is also there to offer support to all families and allow the siblings of the families to, for a short period, have a taste of a normal childhood. In addition to providing Magic Moments for the children, it also improves their self esteem within the group and helps inject some sunshine into the very limited world of an autistic child.
Our centre at Scunthorpe has a sensory room, a computer area and a play area.
We also have a counselling service for adult members and hold these sessions every Tuesday and Thursday frim 10am - 2pm, but please contact us to check availability and to book a session.
Scunthorpe South
1 Market Hill
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6SS
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Phone 01724 848 683