Children's Therapy Teams
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The Childrens Therapy Team in North Lincolnshire includes the following paediatric services:
Speech and Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Nutrition and Dietetic Service
Services are offered to children and young people 0-16/19 years of age. The team is based in Scunthorpe but works across the North Lincolnshire area. Referrals are received from a range of sources including Consultants, GPs, Health Visitors, schools, early years providers, other professionals (for example Portage, ASET, Educational Psychologist) and parents. We have attached further information showing the pathway and criteria for referrals to our services.
Appointments are offered within clinics, schools, and special schools. Home visits are offered to children dependent upon their clinical need, and children will also be seen within a hospital setting as appropriate. An overview of the pathway for support and therapy has been included which shows the journey a child may take following their assessment our teams.
Our main aims are to help children and young people to:
Develop and make progress at school/nursery to the best of their ability
Be as independent as possible and make choices for themselves
Have satisfying relationships at home and at school
Participate and feel confident
Be free from discomfort, stay well and be safe
Scunthorpe North
Monarch House
Arkwright Way
North Lincolnshire
DN16 1AL
Phone 01724 203 755
Opening Times Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm
Each Service within the Childrens Therapy Team has a detailed pathway showing the steps that take place following referral as well as the journey your child may take after assessment. Further Information about services can be accessed through the NLaG Trust website.
Children's Therapy General Referral Pathway
Children's Speech and Language Therapy Intervention Pathway
Children's Occupational Therapy Intervention Pathway
Children's Physiotherapy Intervention Pathway
Cross Site Children's Nutrition and Dietetics Intervention Pathway
North Lincolnshire Speech and Language Therapy Referral Pathways and Criteria
We offer advice for practitioners who work with all children and young people (eg teachers, early years practitioners, health visitors, nursing teams, children's centre staff). We work together to ensure:
there is good, up to date information available for parents about how to support their child's health and / or development.
There is advice and support for parents if they have a concern that children and young people can access our services as quickly and easily as possible if they need to.

Some children and young people will require additional help but for a short period of time to address a particular issue. We work closely with schools and nurseries. We provide training and 'toolkits' for schools so that they can act quickly if they think a child needs some help to boost their skills in a key area, for example listening skills, attention span, speech sounds. We will see children and young people to offer advice for 'one off's' or a short block of regular sessions to help them make progress towards a specific goal or tackle a specific concern, eg food intolerance

Some children and young people with a high level of need or ongoing needs will receive longer term support from us. This may take the form of one or more of the following: an individualised programme for home/school or nursery; sessions in the clinic, at home or at school; involvement in multi-agency planning meetings. Please see our website for more information about the specific support offered by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists

Parents and Carers

We receive feedback and suggestions from parents through:
Satisfaction surveys
Involvement in any service redesign, eg special school review 2015

Children and Young People

We involve children and young people in planning their own programmes as much as possible and record this in a person centred care plan. We collect feedback from children and young people and act on this feedback to improve the service.