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North Lincolnshire Council invites views from parents/carers, children/young people and education providers about the Speech and Language Therapy Service that is currently delivered in mainstream schools.

The views of current service users are important in influencing the future of Speech and Language Therapy Services for children and young people and their families.  Your answers will be treated in confidence – individual responses will not be passed on to anyone providing the service to you/your child.

You can complete one of four questionnaires depending on whether you are a parent/carer, a young person or an education provider (i.e. teacher/SENCO etc). Questionnaires can be returned until the 31 July 2016.

The feedback provided by these questionnaires will enable us to know what is currently working well and what we can do differently with the service.  We would also appreciate any suggestions on how the service could be improved. We will collate the findings and publish “you said, we did” on this website. Any queries please contact: Email: Tel: 01724 297668

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Tel: 01724 297668

Last modified: March 11, 2020