Archive - Consultation Sessions with Children and Young People

Consultation is now closed

Local Authority Officers have also been consulting with children and young people on the proposed EHC Plan with a particular emphasis on the ‘About Me’ section finding out their views on the ways more relevant information could be collected using a variety of media, including social media and interactive technology, They were also asked their views on the proposed questions to be included in the ‘About Me’ section.

A number of pupils who currently have statements were consulted on their views from the following schools and organisations:

  • Althorpe and Keadby Primary School
  • Crosby Primary School
  • Huntcliffe School
  • Outwood Academy Brumby
  • St Luke’s Primary School
  • Integrated Disabled Children’s Service (ISDC)

Young people gave their views through the use of Makaton symbols to make it accessible and specifically focused on the ‘About Me’ section.

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Last modified: March 11, 2020